Starling Resources

Starling Resources is the sustainability consulting and advisory practice within Moores Rowland, providing a range of services to assist clients address strategic operational, financial, philanthropic and business related issues.

What matters?

The answer depends on your perspective, of course. One set of issues that increasingly matters to all of us is the protection, sustainable management, and efficient use of our natural resources: water, forests, fisheries, ecosystems and biodiversity, and any number of natural materials and products. The way we choose to deal with these issues certainly matters.

It is the opportunity to address these issues that motivates Starling Resources. We believe that the many converging challenges and problems of natural resource degradation and destruction, and inefficiencies in material use, are driven by a combination of resolvable issues: pressures from poorly planned development, ill-informed analyses, lack of oversights in implementation, inadequate resource protection, and skewed economic incentives, to name but a few.

Starling Resources works with partners to design solutions to positively address some of the most important of these issues in Indonesia, South-East Asia, and the world.  Our work is broadly focused on the following areas:

  • Facilitating the development of the capacity, knowledge, awareness and practices critical to achieve sustainable resources management objectives, in the private, public, and NGO sectors.
  • Developing the proper policies, incentives and approaches to accurately reflect, preserve and maximize the immense value in our oceans and forests.
  • Development of strategies and planning for sustainable resources management, including business and financial planning for marine and terrestrial conservation and other resource stewardship initiatives.
  • Works with partners and communities to design initiatives that are compatible with, and create incentives for, natural resource protection and management.

The combination of these strategic services with Moores Rowland’s traditional audit, assurance and business advisory capabilities allows us to deliver an even broader sustainability service offering to current and new clients.