#KemBali : The Ultimate Tips For Your #WFB
#KemBali : The Ultimate Tips For Your #WFB

#KemBali : The Ultimate Tips For Your #WFB

July 2021

Written by: Marsha Huwaidaa

The Covid-19 outbreak has struck all over again, Indonesia has faced its crisis through several stages since the end of March of 2020. In July 2021, The Government made a new strategy regarding public activity restrictions. In 2021, the regulations will be stringent twice more from the past policy due to the growth of Covid-19 active cases on Jawa-Bali Island.


This news has been a heartbreaker for areas that relied on their tourism sector. As the heart of Indonesia, Bali counts on its creative economy area. The island is enriched by arts, crafts, culture, and its service sector. It has provided work fields for thousands of local workers. Now, the tourism industry has shrunk more than 70% from nearly 6.28 million tourists in 2019. The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia has established an upcoming Working From Bali policy. The forthcoming #WFB policy is intended to boost the economy and support the local's welfare.


The Work From Bali is planned to be a beneficial solution to save the slumping of Bali’s economy. Apart from that, this program is designed to introduce underrated potential that has been available. Surely, with strict healthy protocols. Though the Jawa-Bali activity restriction will continue until the 25th of July 202 to minimize current active cases, this favorable plan will be resumed after. To prepare your need in the future #WFB plan, here are the ultimate tips for you :


  • Double your mask!

This is an efficient way to maximize your barrier of protection during a pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control research in America states that the Double Mask Combination can provide much better protection. Of course, better protection comes when you’ve done it in the right way. Don’t overlook wearing your surgical mask inside, doubled with a cloth mask for external use. Remember, small action is still an action.

  • Avoid touching objects in public places

Avoid touching objects that have been touched by many people, such as elevator buttons, doorknobs, or fingerprint machines. To work around this, you can use your elbow or a pen when pressing the lift button. You can also open the door using your elbow or shoulder instead of your hand.

  • Maintain your distance

Make sure you implement physical distancing, which is to keep a distance of 1-2 meters from other people around you. This is necessary to prevent you from the droplets that come from other people’s mouths while talking and sneezing.

  • Prioritize your hygiene

Carry a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol, so you can use it to clean your hands on a trip if you don't have handwashing facilities. When you’ve arrived anywhere, wash your hands with running water and soap. Repeat it every 4 hours to maximize your application in prioritizing your hygiene.

  • Have fun !

There is a saying that fits perfectly for the current situation “ The better a work environment is, the better it is for the employer - not just the employee. Positive work environment is crucial “. You’ll encounter a refreshing nuance, so be present, increase your productivity. We are already in the middle of a pandemic, being kind to yourself is the same form of self care. Have fun!.