Moores Rowland Indonesiaは、監査、会計、アウトソーシング、税務、アドバイザリー、法務などを含む非常に幅広い専門家によるサービスを、幅広い業界のクライアントに提供しています。また私たちは、貴社の組織を発展させるために必要な専門知識と経験を有しており、独自のアプローチを用いて、サービスを提供しています。私たちの優れた専門性と当事務所メンバーの真剣なコミットメントを組み合わせることで、上場企業、大企業、公共セクター、中小のビジネスから個人に至るまで、クライアントにカスタマイズされたソリューションを提供しております。


Moores Rowland Indonesiaにおいては、私たちは単なる会計士にはとどまりません。年次財務諸表を作成するだけでなく、財務管理全般についてもしっかりと検討します。そして、貴社の会計・アウトソーシングのプロセスや業務の改善に役立つ助言を行います。



このように、クライアントの要望がどのようなものであっても、Moores Rowland Indonesiaは、貴社の希望に沿った会計・アウトソーシングサービスを提供します。

Do you need to consolidate your financial data or provide more accurate financial information? Our team of experts can provide you with the know-how.

We are there to support you long term – through your organization’s entire lifecycle and key business milestones. Moores Rowland is flexible and we can adapt our services to suit your business type and your objectives.

Our consolidation and reporting services include:

  • Outsourcing of your consolidation and reporting needs,
  • Information systems projects,
  • Organization and management projects,
  • Complex operations and during organization change.

By outsourcing some of your financial work to Moores Rowland, you can take the pressure off your team. If you are understaffed, you may fall behind in delivering accounts and financial information. We can step in and help you solve any problems as quickly as possible. We can assign you a management team, or take on a complex project, helping you meet the necessary regulations.

  • Accounting and financial consultancy

If you are going through times of change, Moores Rowland can help you build a new accounting framework and adapt to the way that you work, for example, for compliance or risk management. We can organize your accounts, audit and make sure they meet the relevant standards. We can help you implement risk management tools.

  • Financial performance

Our teams at Moores Rowland as an accounting firms Indonesia have the expertise to help you monitor financial production and improve performance. We can look at ways of optimizing your administrative and financial reporting and streamline your processes by increasing the speed and efficiency of your work. We can set up management charts and put indicators in place to help you control your financial activities.

  • Bookkeeping

We can help you compile your accounts in the most cost effective and time efficient way, helping you meet your year-end deadlines. We can help with bookkeeping, setting up your accounts and revising them for year-end.

  • Credit Management

Do you need to focus your working capital requirements or improve your cash flow? We can help you manage your finances and help you reduce your costs in doing so. Our services include:

  1. Establishing your credit management policies and procedures,
  2. Defining and implementing action plans that will reduce your working capital requirements,
  3. Setting up or improving your client risk management processes.
  • Tax advice

Moores Rowland's tax advisers can also take care of all your tax returns (wage tax, VAT and corporation tax) and help you in setting up the appropriate structure, while working in line with any financial administration. Moores Rowland operates an international network of tax advisers to guarantee optimal tax planning. Our tax advisers have knowledge in the fields of expat regulations, advance rulings, transfer pricing and restructuring. International business means the cross-border movements of goods and invisible trade. This automatically leads to VAT, import duties and excise requirements. Moores Rowland has a team of specialists who can advise you, take care of the formalities and look after your business as your fiscal representative.

We know how key your people are to the success of your organization. You might need specialist HR advice, or help with drawing up an employment contract or finding the right person for a key role. We can take on your HR management: the terms and conditions of employment, working conditions, pension and leave schemes, social security, dismissal procedures, or constantly changing regulations in this field – leaving you to concentrate on your staff. On training, retaining and rewarding them.

Moores Rowland’s HR services include:

  • Preparing essential documentation to meet legal requirements and make sure you are protected in the event of a claim. We help with employment contracts, employee handbooks, HR policies and procedures and standard letters.
  • Executive recruitment – we manage the whole recruitment process, from the scoping of the position and screening of applications.
  • HR health checks to make sure your employment policies, procedures and practices are up to date and in line with best practice and legal compliance.
  • Training and development to help your employees realize their full potential – to help your business grow. We provide workshops and programmes tailored to your needs. We can help you identify and retain the talent in your organization.
  • Retained HR support - we can take on all of your HR requirements if you have little or no HR expertise.


Payroll and administration

We can provide you with a comprehensive computerised payroll service with security payslips, P45 forms etc. We can also talk to the tax department about employee tax matters on your behalf.


Organizational change

At Moores Rowland we can help you manage and communicate change within your organization. For example, during redundancies, providing support, advising on legislation or developing internal communications strategies.

At Moores Rowland we can help you with your payroll and administration work. We can take on all or a part of your wages processing – helping you design the most effective pay and administration system. We can save you time and help you reduce your HR running costs. Above all we will ensure your staff are paid on time.

Our services are tailored to suit your individual needs. They include:

  • Managing and processing pay, providing you with a comprehensive computerized payroll service with secured payslips, forms etc,
  • Improving or setting up your payroll duties,
  • Managing your HR systems,
  • Providing specialists in tax and social security advice, HR, accounting and financial services.

With the sky-rocketing costs of medical insurance and given that many companies historically encounter lower claims reimbursement than yearly insurance payments, it’s an increasing trend for companies to investigate the financial benefits of self-insuring, particularly outpatient claims. Given this trend, we are now offering services to help you administer your self-insured reimbursement of medical costs for your staff.

Basically, we will render assistance to facilitate the administration process in order to meet the payment timing and to ensure that the medical reimbursements are in accordance with the Company’s policy and available limits. Most importantly, these reimbursements will be reviewed by our qualified Doctor to ensure their technical consistency.

The main objective of the product is to reduce the tedious administrative work of your employees and subsequently improve the efficiency of your department. Further analysis has also shown that there are substantial cost savings associated with this particular outsourcing compared to managing the administration internally or even through a third-party insurance agency.

While managing medical reimbursements internally can bring efficiencies, administrative staff in general often do not have the necessary technical medical skills to read and approve that the diagnosis/sickness is indeed covered under the Company’s medical policies. To date, however, the only alternative has been to pay what may turn out to be very costly premiums to a third-party company.

What we are offering is the best of both worlds, savings accruing from the fact that reimbursement of medical, plus our professional service fees may be far lower than standard premiums charged by third-party companies. Again, this has typically been the case with outpatient reimbursement whereby the company maintains its inpatient third-party insurance. Savings on total outpatient costs can be 40% or even more.


Three main benefits

  • Eliminate tedious administrative work
  • Administrative staff do not usually have medical knowledge
  • Estimated cost savings of approximately 40% compared to insurance premium payment


Scope of Services

  • Initial medical reimbursements policies and procedures development
  • Administration of self-insured medical reimbursement in terms of:
    • Technical Medical (reviewed by qualified doctor)
    • Limits available
  • Payment processing of the medical reimbursements
  • Reporting e.g. Medical limit updates & Medical analysis reports, common sickness.


財務監査サービスは信頼できる財務情報の作成に必要ですが、Moores Rowland Indonesiaでは、単に数字の足し合わせに満足することなく、さらに一歩踏み出して、貴社の財務情報が一貫性と信頼性を持てるようにアドバイスいたします。



With more and more changes to financial regulations occurring, audit remains an important process to ensure trust and maintain ethical standards.

Moores Rowland will always provide:

  • A focused approach to the audit
  • The skills that are relevant to your industry sector
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • An effective control structure
  • Analysis of the most complex accounting processes in an economic context
  • Every assignment will be overseen by the partner in charge who is totally responsible for the client. This partner will always be your main contact point within Moores Rowland.
  • Ongoing communication with your company and management is part of our approach. We want you to be totally informed and in control of all the stages during our assignment so that you have the opportunity to ask questions or make adjustments in the process whenever you want to.

Moores Rowland will check that your accounting and financial information maintains consistency and transparency. Our specialist sector teams will focus on your specific industry’s needs – your strategy, operations and finances - because we want to establish a long-term working relationship with you.

Does your organization need support with the increasing demands of accounting standards?

We will make sure that you meet International Accounting Standards (IAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in your year-end accounts. To meet these requirements we will provide:

  • Annual audits
  • Limited reviews of intermediary settlements
  • Examination of pro forma accounts
  • Analysis of complex accounting situations
  • A country and industry-specific approach

We have specific technical expertise in many complex areas of financial reporting such as:

  • Accounting for financial instruments and optimal hedging structures
  • Share option valuations and IFRS20 (IFRS 2) accounting issues
  • IFRS 3
  • Narrative reporting

We also can supply you with experienced technical trainers who provide tailored courses to guide your finance teams through the complexities of IFRS or GAAP requirements.

You may need to present your firm’s financial information for a business transaction, for example, an acquisition. A contractual audit will evaluate your processes.

Our specialists will carry out these contractual audits independently to make sure that you meet the demands of regulators and the expectations of the market - but also to optimize your financial reporting.

We tailor contractual assignments to meet your actual needs by:

  • Supporting you in preparing your listing
  • Providing pro forma accounts and optimized financial information
  • Processing accounts for complex operations (financing, outsourcing)
  • Making sure your financial statements meet IFRS/US GAAP standards
  • Preparing and reviewing ‘carve-out’ financial statements
  • Drafting manuals of accounting principles

More than 100 countries on all five continents require or permit the use of IFRS. Major economies in the Asia-Pacific, North America and Latin America have set a time line towards the full adoption of IFRS.

On 23 December 2008, the Indonesian Institute of Accountants, as the professional body mandated with the promulgation of accounting standards in Indonesia, issued a formal statement announcing its plan to have Indonesian GAAP fully convergent with the International Financial Reporting Standards (‘IFRS’) by 1 January 2012.

Whether you are already compliant or planning to adopt IFRS, Moores Rowland can help you.

We have developed a comprehensive knowledge of IFRS. Our approach is practical and focused on the substance of the transactions. We always favour the economic view.

  • First-time Adoption

Moores Rowland has many years of experience in helping clients with their transition from local GAAP to IFRS and in assisting them around the world to provide accurate and meaningful IFRS financial reporting.

  • IFRS Audit Services

With many clients preparing their financial statements according to IFRS, Moores Rowland has extensive experience in auditing IFRS financial statements. We perform our audits either in jurisdictions in which IFRS is mandatory or permitted for group reporting purposes.





Moores Rowland Indonesia取引関連 チームは、評価、デュー・デリジェンス、パフォーマンスの低いビジネスや訴訟の支援に至るまで、取引のあらゆる面において必要なスキルと専門知識を提供いたします。

当事務所は、勘定書を確認し、banking covenants and reporting assignmentsに従うことができます。Moores Rowland Indonesiaの顧客には、売り手に買い手、金融業者もいます。


Because of our prominent market presence and our involvement within international accounting standard-setting bodies, we have insights into and are aware of any changes in accounting regulations at a very early stage.

This means we can swiftly anticipate and help adapt your accounts to meet these new regulations – to help you maintain the trust of investors and optimize risk management.

Our experts in professional standards and regulations will support you as you become accustomed to new accounting principles. We offer you:

•    Updates on changes to regulations; 
•    Analysis of new guidelines and their impact on your organization;
•    Training;
•    Assistance in producing regulatory statements;
•    Forecasting.

Our Business Recovery and Reconstruction Services team advises stakeholders on how to maximize the value of their investments in businesses that face challenges in the current economic climate.

Our team of specialists works with investors and lenders to develop and implement strategies that help maximize value and work with management. We carry out restructuring and turnaround proposals.

We can provide you with a combination of accounting and legal expertise on both a local and international level and we’ll take your local jurisdiction into account.

We can help put your business back on track if it is struggling. We can work with each client to find the best possible solution for your stakeholders – this may mean putting a long-term recovery plan in place, or winding operations down.

Our Business Recovery and Reconstruction Services team advises stakeholders on how to maximize the value of their investments in businesses that face challenges in the current economic climate.

Our team of specialists works with investors and lenders to develop and implement strategies that help maximize value and work with management. We carry out restructuring and turnaround proposals.

We can provide you with a combination of accounting and legal expertise on both a local and international level and we’ll take your local jurisdiction into account.

We can help put your business back on track if it is struggling. We can work with each client to find the best possible solution for your stakeholders – this may mean putting a long-term recovery plan in place, or winding operations down.

Are you involved in a dispute or thinking about taking legal action? Or are you concerned about fraud in your business? If so, you will need a team that you can trust.

Moores Rowland’s Forensic and Investigation Services team has extensive case experience and a proven track record in investigating financial issues.

We will combine the personal touch of a partner-led firm with our international knowledge. And we will tailor our service to your business needs. We have worked with law firms, ‘corporates’, government departments and regulators.

Our team will investigate and analyse the financial areas of your case and present the findings as a written report, or a statement in the witness box. We are experienced in giving evidence in court in both civil and criminal matters.

Moores Rowland can also assist in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures - particularly in arbitration and mediation proceedings.

Moores Rowland can support you with the day-to-day running of your organizational projects.
We will optimize your business processes and financial management systems. We can help you from the planning stage through to implementation. We can deal with administration, sales, purchasing, HR or information systems. We can also help you make important decisions by analysing your systems and management control.

We start with a thorough investigation of your organization to identify areas for improvement and set out an action plan. We do this with your firm’s culture and style of management in mind.

Moores Rowland can enhance the work of your organization by:

•    Implementing objectives,
•    Optimising organization and processes,
•    Overhauling management methods,
•    Evaluating and strengthening business leadership,
•    Analysing administrative and financial functions,
•    Making your processes more efficient,
•    Helping you adhere to regulatory changes,
•    Mapping and re-engineering processes,
•    Establishing internal controls and information systems,
•    Steering your activities with management charts and indicators.

Do you find that you lack the time to manage projects? We can take on your project management, set out the brief, and coordinate your team and budget to meet the deadline.


Acquisition due diligence

During your acquisition you may want to look at any issues surrounding your target company, evaluate its past results and projected performance, uncover any risks to the transaction or understand how an acquisition price is determined.

Moores Rowland can help you:

  • Gain an understanding of the performance of your target company,
  • Identify and analyse the key value drivers behind the acquisition price,
  • Identify potential risks,
  • Maximize financial and tax positions,
  • Help draft price adjustment and warranty and indemnity clauses and implement them,
  • Conduct a post-acquisition audit, preparing your opening balance sheet.


Vendor due diligence

We can streamline your sales process so that you can get the maximum return on your sale.

We can help you prepare for the sale of your company or business, obtain the best price, control the flow of information and make the best decisions while maintaining complete confidentiality.

Our services include:

  • Identifying and prioritizing factors to increase the business value,
  • Compiling pro forma financial information,
  • Analysing past performance and building or reviewing a business plan,
  • Organizing and managing data to showcase information,
  • Providing guidance at each phase of the negotiation process,
  • Maximizing your financial and tax position,
  • Helping draft a price adjustment or warranty and indemnity clause,
  • Helping manage any potential litigation and claims processes.

The accelerated pace of change in the business world, which will only intensify as the 21st century unfolds, places significant strategic and competitive pressures on companies seeking to expand their activities. Acquiring and developing new capabilities to grow market share and gain competitive advantage will be a key challenge facing business managers, whether their business operates in a national or international marketplace.

Our corporate finance specialists are here to help your business succeed in this fast-moving environment.

Our corporate finance advisory covers: 
•    Due diligence;
•    Business valuation;
•    Lead advisory.




Due diligence is a review of all, or specific aspects of, the affairs of a business. Our due diligence services have helped our clients at crucial points in their business development. We help them to make sound commercial decisions and avoid bad ones. These decisions are often highly significant for the client's future prosperity. 

Due diligence is challenging and needs a real understanding of how the business actually operates with the people behind it and their motivations for entering into the proposed transaction. Among our successes were opening a client’s eyes to the fact it was buying into a volatile industry with a lack of clear underlying regulation, while on another occasion we uncovered years of management fraud that had left immeasurable tax liabilities due to lack of legal documentation. 




Whatever the need, Moores Rowland can assist the management of your company in establishing a range of fair value of the business by taking into account the economic and operating environment, the company’s financial condition and the regulatory environment.

Staffed with highly experienced corporate transaction analysts and valuation experts, we provide integrity in our valuations, be they for internal reasons or as an offer negotiation base. Moreover, whether  it’s the pricing, structure or the qualitative and quantitative aspects of a transaction, the main point is to discern whether management is executing the transaction in the best interests of the shareholders (non-controlling, as well as controlling).


Net assets and goodwill valuation (IFRS 3):

With the establishment of the new IFRS 3, book value business combination is out. Therefore, greater transparency is required in establishing the balance sheet account after a business combination. With IFRS 3, the balance sheet accounts should be stated at fair value, meaning that all identifiable assets (tangible, as well as intangible assets like patents, brands, certain R&D costs, customer base, back orders, etc.) need to be priced at their worth in an arm’s length deal.

Biological assets valuation (IFRS 41):

Plantation assets are normally stated at cost of acquisition. Under IFRS 41, plantation assets are living assets that can grow, deteriorate or even die. Thus, the real value of a plantation’s assets at any given time may not reflect their book value. Hence, the value of a plantation’s assets needs to be determined on an annual basis.



Corporate action is normally carried out in the face of arising needs and/or opportunities that management believes to be good for the company.

In our years of advising clients, we find that on occasions  management is left at risk due to some unanticipated circumstances.

We will be on your side to assist in arranging your M&A, funding and disposal needs. And as our team of advisors has over 30 years of combined experience, you can rest assured you’re getting the best.

If you are going through an acquisition, Moores Rowland will examine the financial, legal and tax circumstances of your target company. We will provide you with the most thorough insight we can into its past and projected profitability as well its financial structure. We will also help you get the right financial clauses in your contracts.

If you find that your business is struggling you will want to get to grips with any operational issues and get back to making a profit. Your business may need some restructuring, whether it is improving your organizational structure or making internal operations more efficient. Moores Rowland can perform an operations review to identify operational inefficiencies, saving costs and overheads. We can look at unprofitable business segments, divisions or affiliates and any weaknesses in systems, procedures and controls.

We can help you during restructuring by:

  • Defining and implementing an overall strategic turnaround and restructuring plan,
  • Preparing a priority timeline for restructuring,
  • Providing operational consultation at each stage of the restructuring,
  • Providing consultation services addressing bankruptcy issues.

We can also help you avoid future risk situations by:

  • Helping you understand the causes of the company’s past shortfalls,
  • Assessing the short-term and long-term viability of your business,
  • Preparing short and long-term financial projections and cash flows,
  • Developing operational tools and reports,
  • Searching for business partners, or merger or acquisition opportunities.

Moores Rowland can help you value your investments, business and assets. You might want to forecast the financial effects of a business restructuring or determine an asset value during this process. We can help you with the price allocation during an acquisition, or understand your own overheads and profits. We do more than just the numerical work. We work with you to:

  • Understand your business and sector - its prospects and its markets,
  • Identify the dynamic factors of the valuation,
  • Analyse past operational performances and forecast future financial results,
  • Apply discount rates and multiples,
  • Employ a systematic approach,
  • Test the accuracy and sensitivity of business models.

Moores Rowland can assist you with every transaction, whether it is refinancing, restructuring or an acquisition. We understand the implications transactions may have and we can help you to minimize the transaction risk. Combining our cross-border transaction experience and local tax knowledge, we will ensure that you make well-considered decisions and deal with the tax implications in the best way possible.



Les services de l’équipe francophone de Moores Rowland.

Des professionnels de langue française en Indonésie s’appuient sur leurs connaissances approfondies du marché et des réglementations locales pour accompagner les entreprises d'origine francophone dans leur développement.

Riche d’une expérience internationale, l’équipe multiculturelle est composée d’experts bilingues ou trilingues capables de gérer les problématiques rencontrées par ces entreprises.

Moores Rowland a la capacité d'accompagner des entreprises francophones souhaitant s’implanter ou investir en Indonésie durant tout le processus:

Etape préliminaire:

  • Etudes de faisabilité
  • Aide à la préparation du business plan
  • Etude des sites géographiques / étude de localisation / étude d’implantation
  • Options de financement

Création de société:

  • Création de la société par notre équipe juridique
  • Choix de partenaires
  • Calendrier fiscal
  • Structuration

Etape operationnelle:

  • Services de secrétariat d’entreprise
  • Comptabilité et reporting
  • Supervision
  • Management d’intérim
  • Paie
  • Déclaration fiscale et reporting
  • Obtention de visas de travail

Plus d’info: contact-jakarta@moores-rowland.com ou contact-bali@moores-rowland.com

Moores Rowland in Indonesia has the capability to assist Indian companies at all stages of their corporate development. The Indian desk serves as a focal point, connecting clients with the right expert for their specific business need across the practice areas of audit, tax, consulting, legal and outsourcing.

Indian Footprint Through Praxity

With offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Pune through the Praxity alliance, we believe we are very well positioned and equipped to serve the Indian-Indonesian business landscape.

Benefits of The Indian Desk

  • Extensive knowledge of the specific regulations and policies applying to corporate entities and;
  • private individuals concerning trade, business and investment between India and Indonesia;
  • Bilingual team with extensive cross-border exposure;
  • Well connected team amongst the Indian community in Indonesia as well as in India;
  • Advice tailored to your size, sector and geography;
  • Liaison with the Indian Embassy’s Commerce Wing and other relevant business associations;
  • Efficient cost structures and charge out rates that are both competitive and transparent.

Our Range of Professional Services

  • Audit and financial reporting assurance;
  • Corporate finance and transaction advisory, including due diligence, acquisitions and disposals;
  • Corporate tax compliance and assurance, including global effective tax rate optimization and profit repatriation solutions
  • Tax audits for listed groups, including Indonesian subsidiaries of Indian groups;
  • International tax, including transfer pricing;
  • Employment and expatriate taxes;
  • Tax investigations and negotiation services;
  • Financial planning;
  • Legal services – company establishment, notarial services.

Moores Rowland インドネシアジャパンデスクでは、ジャカルタ・バリ事務所より、日本人も含め、約350名のスタッフにて、地場及び外資系企業へサービスを提供しております。進出サポート、会社設立から会計、税務、監査まで、各サービス内容にて経験豊富なチームにて対応いたします。


Corporate Secretary業務





税務調査(Tax Audit)、税務訴訟(Tax Court)対応サポート 
税務・税効果分析(Tax Diagnostic Review)




現地提携先(Joint Venture)開拓サポート 
M&A関連業務 デューデリジェンス(Due Diligence) 


Jl. Sisingamangaraja No.26 Bundaran Senayan, Jakarta 12120 
Jl. Sunset Road no. 100 D, Kuta – Bali 80361 
Moores Rowland - Japan Desk


Moores Rowland Indonesiaは、世界銀行、アジア開発銀行、アメリカ合衆国国際開発庁(USAID)などの登録サービス提供者として、二国間および多国間の援助機関や各種NGOとのサービス提供の実績があります。登録要件を充たすためには、特別監査、調査、社会経済調査、啓発、法の支配、人権監査、官民パートナーシップ(PPP)、プロジェクト管理など、幅広い分野に主要能力を持つことが必要とされます。









私たちは定性的・定量的な調査技術に豊富な経験を持ち、精通しています。これらには、ベースライン調査、プロジェクト影響評価、データ収集、データ分析、モニタリングと評価、報告が含まれます。私たちは様々な業種のプロジェクトや研究に携わりましたが、その中には、例えば、IFC PENSAのように、インドネシア全土で農業慣行の改善と生活水準の向上を目指す様々な農業セクターの数多くのプロジェクトが含まれています。





また、Cardno Acil Pty Ltd/AusAIDのイスラム学校教育支援プログラム(LAPIS)の広報啓発コミュニケーションとプロモーション資料(ニュースレター、情報パンフレット、活動プロファイルなど)の作成にも関与し、セミナー、シンポジウム、ワークショップ、カンファレンス等の構想から完成までのロジスティックも管理いたしました。


Millennium DPI Partners, LLCとのコンソーシアムにおいて、UsAidが資金を提供した国際法規技術支援サービスに関する無期限数量契約(IQC)を受注いたしました。これらの契約の目的は、法の支配の発展、および世界における人権の促進と保護を支援することにあります。



Moores Rowland Indonesiaは、Praxityと連携し、欧州、特に英国のPPPプロジェクトにつき、専門的な専門知識と経験を有しております。






Moores Rowland Indonesiaは、ADBが資金提供したインドネシア監査改革セクター開発プロジェクト(STAR-SDP)のプロジェクトマネージャーをサポートしております。このプロジェクトは、国際基準に沿った監査を通じて、インドネシアの公共組織のガバナンス、効率性、経済性の監査の実効性を改革するプロジェクトです。PIUとBAWASDAのスタッフを対象とて、インドネシアにおける30の地方BAWASDA(地域監督機関)、20の地方・自治体レベルBAWASDA、および50のDPRD事務局(地域議会)の財務報告フォーマットと調達に関する研修を設計、調整、実施いたしました。




  • インドネシア政府、援助開発機関、NGOに関する深い理解;
  • インドネシア国内および海外で実証された、監査・コンサルティング業務の成功実績に基づく知見;
  • 世界レベルの財務会計知識;
  • 厳しいビジネスプラグマティズムに基づく高度なプロフェッショナリズム;
  • 顧客に最善の結果を提供する、チーム一体となった専門的アドバイザー達によるシームレスなサービス提供能力;
  • 技術および産業に対する国際的な専門知識;
  • 特定分野の知識;
  • 補完サービス.