PT Moores Rowland Indonesia not Associated with Mazars
The BusinessTimes Singapore

PT Moores Rowland Indonesia not Associated with Mazars

May 2018

PRESS RELEASE: May 28, 2018


In response to an article published in May 28th edition of the Singapore-based Business Times, we wish to clarify certain information that would appear to be slightly misleading.

Following the buy-out of the London office of MRI Moores Rowland by Mazars in 2007, many of the former Moores Rowland firms elsewhere in the world were bought out by the newly expanded Mazars operation. Our firm in Indonesia also became part of Mazars but operated as a largely independent entity under the overall supervision of Mazars head office.       

As of July 1, 2014, however, due to significant differences in business philosophy we left Mazars and reverted to operating under our former name of PT Moores Rowland Indonesia. Since that time we have had no association with Mazars or any of its offices, although like Mazars we are a full independent member of Praxity AISBL, the world’s largest alliance of independent assurance, tax and advisory firms.

We believe that “Previously part of the Moores Rowland International network of firms…” is somewhat misleading in that it infers a group of firms working in coordination. As far as Moores Rowland Indonesia is concerned that was never the case before our brief Mazars episode, and certainly has not been since regaining the name we proudly bear in serving the people of Indonesia.    

To confirm the timing of our departure from Mazars, we attach our previous announcement of this matter at the link below: