Who We Are

Starling Resources is a Bali-based sustainability consulting and advisory practice. We design solutions to answer economic, social and environmental concerns worldwide with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region. Over the last decade, Starling Resources has worked with partners across the globe to design solutions that positively address some of the most urgent environmental issues. To date, we have worked across 10 countries and 7 provinces in Indonesia.

Starling Resources bridges the gap between business, the public sector, and civil society organizations, as well as between academic scholarship and on-the-ground experience. We take a holistic perspective and deploy business-minded tactics to deliver practical environmental solutions for our clients.

Our Mission

Biodiversity loss, deforestation, fishery decline, and climate change, among others, already impact the livelihoods of millions and weigh on global economies, with untold future implications. However, practical and collaborative measures have proven capable of solving some of the most pressing environmental challenges at local, regional and even global scales.

Our mission is to work with stakeholders across sectors to find practical solutions to demanding environmental problems and build resilient communities and economies that work together to enhance and sustain ecosystem functions and natural habitats.

How We Make Change

There is no silver bullet for the complex environmental challenges facing us today. Interrelated ecological, social, economic and political systems present challenging problems that defy sectoral solutions.

Starling Resources engages with stakeholders across sectors to understand the issues, develop consensus around workable solutions that fairly distribute costs and benefits, and implement groundwork to support solutions. We deploy structured frameworks and approaches that systematically consider complexity across sectors and account for critical gaps in enabling conditions across financing, policy, capacity, institutions and socio-cultural dynamics. Where appropriate, we use business-tested methods to cut through complexity and provide clear and measurable pathways for our clients and partners to reach their goals.

We combine our knowledge, skills and field-proven methodologies, and apply them to on-the-ground projects in partnership with governments, local communities, NGOs/CSOs, universities and companies. Using a multidisciplinary approach, we empower stakeholders and believe participatory processes are essential for long-term success.