Media Monitoring Service

To remain competitive, enterprises must be certain that their marketing/ PR campaigns are providing maximum value and impact, while  benchmarking campaigns requires  comprehensive information. Managing corporate reputation also depends on an  acute awareness of how the enterprise is being covered in media, blogs and message boards around the world. To solve these challenges efficiently and easily, enterprises can turn to Moores Rowland`s Media Monitoring Service

It`s Your Investment!


Our Approach
Moores Rowland provides tools and content that allow enterprises to use information to make smarter and faster decisions. Moores Rowland`s media monitoring products combine research tools, deeper analysis, and online access capability into powerful solutions that give you the ability to track and document the effectiveness of your communications activities. More effective monitoring of your key subjects against a broad range of traditional and new media affords a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your current communications strategies, plus enables you to recognize new opportunities for success.
How It Works
All your news that's fit to print delivered right to your desktop. Scores, even thousands  of print publications are read and scanned for your company, products, brands or competitors. Moores Rowland monitors national and regional newspapers, trade and consumer magazines, newsletters, business and trade journals, and more.

Providing comprehensive and customized Website services, we deliver the data in an easy-to-share format providing performance statistics, charts and graphs. Unlimited username and filterable password

What we measure for your industry :
  • Daily Highlight
  • Analysis Summary
  • Total coverage
  • Sentiment of each news article
  • Counting brand mention in text and in title
  • Media Category
  • Type of article

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